Saurabh Daware
I make random things, mostly using JavaScript.
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Static Site Generator


Abell is a Low-Level, Framework Agnostic, Vite-powered Static-Site-Generator to help you build fast websites in a syntax that feels familiar

In College I hated writing assignments so I wrote this tool that converts text into an image that looks like the content is handwritten 😂 • 4k+ GitHub Stars

Edge of The Matrix



Edge of the matrix is a WebGame built in JavaScript, Your task is to travel the universe without crashing to any of the celestial objects.


NPM Package


ProjectMan is a CLI tool to add projects to favorites using command `pm add` and open from them using `pm open` from your command line 🦸

DEV.to Widget

Widget / NPM Package


Unofficial DEV.to Widget for Websites and Blogs! Paste two lines of code and get your profile card rendered in your website.

Terminal Manager

VSCode Extension


VSCode Extension to manage Terminals. Lets you add multiple optional terminals and easily switch through them. 🎉


NPM Package


Turn your existing website to Progressive Web App or Initiate PWA project with single command! `npm i -g pwainit` to install pwainit and get started  🚀

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ViteConf logo

ViteConf • 2023

Introducing Abell, A New Vite Powered Static Site Generator


React India logo

React India • 2023

In the World of JS Frameworks, It's an HTML Framework


React Day Bangalore Logo

React Day Bangalore • 2022

The Frontend Framework of our Dreams?


React Day Bangalore Logo

React Day Bangalore • 2021

Finding Your First Job - Panel Discussion


FOSS United Bangalore Logo

FOSS United Bangalore • Dec 2023

Abell, A New Zero-JS Static Site Generator


React Bangalore Logo

React Bangalore • Jun 2023

The Evolution of Web Development (ft RSC)


Progate Logo

Progate India • Jun 2021

Learning Jam, Hands on with JavaScript


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Saurabh standing on top of the hill with a sunset behind

I'm Saurabh.

I love building libraries, npm packages, DX tools, and silly side-projects.

I have been actively writing code for 6+ years now and have worked across various domains in tech from building servers in Python (django) to building compiler (for my static-site-generator) to building sleek and fast product pages to building a cross-platform Design System.

Work Experience

Razorpay logo

Senior Frontend Engineer, Razorpay

Apr 2022 •

React, React Native, Node.js

Razorpay logo

Frontend Engineer, Razorpay

Dec 2020 - Apr 2022 • 1 Year 4 months

React, Node.js

The Souled Store logo

Full-Stack Intern, The Souled Store

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018 • 2 Months

Vue, Django (Python)

Bew Digital logo

MEAN Stack Intern, Bew Digital

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018 • 3 Months

Angular, Node.js

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