Thane, Maharashtra, India


Hi, I'm a JavaScript Developer, Speaker, a Technical Writer, and an Open Source Enthusiast who is highly passionate about building fast, creative applications and writing beautiful code.

Web Performance and Refactoring are my areas of interest and I've given a talk on this topic at Mumbai JavaScript.

Also, I'm a kid who loves building cool things! These 'Cool things' include NPM Packages, VSCode Extensions, Games, and a lot of random things that I built for fun.


Languages / Frameworks

JavaScript & NodeJS 90% of my projects are in JavaScript
React Built with React & with Next.
Python Used Python for B.E. project and other college projects


Web Performance, WebGL, UI/UX, APIs.


Terna Engineering College / Mumbai University

  April 2016 - May 2020, BE Information Technology
GPA: 6.22 / 10

New English Junior College / HSC

  2014 - 2016, Science

BSM's Vartak Nagar High School / SSC

  2004 - 2014




Edge of The Matrix Game
400+ Users with 2700+ Pageviews
Edge of The Matrix is a Progressive Web Game, It uses modern web technologies like Web Worker, Service Worker which makes the game Fast, Downloadable, and makes it work Offline.

ProjectMan CLI Tool

npm install -g projectman
100+ GitHub Stars, Featured in NPM's official Blog
ProjectMan is a command line tool to easily save/open your favorite projects right from your CLI. `pm add` to add projects and `pm open` to open them from anywhere you want.
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